Refugee Resettlement

  • This is too funny!  They are worried that they will not be able to whip up a public frenzy to demand more migration to American towns and cities once they have installed their man—Joe Biden—in the White House. This is just one of many stories I’ve read in recent days in which the Socialist Dems […]
  • Transitioning smoothly (they hope) from COVID Crisis to Climate Crisis to bring about the new world order. That is, of course, if Biden ever gets anywhere near the White House come January. So why is that bit of news posted here at Refugee Resettlement Watch? It is because former Secretary of State, and failed presidential […]
  • The point you should take away from this story is that in addition to new refugees being illegally housed (newly arriving refugees are required to be placed in their own apartments or homes upon arrival, not placed in hotel rooms) is that the Michigan Lutheran refugee resettlement agency was working with the Muslim hotel owner […]
  • “Tragically, in the last four years, we have seen this program become politically divisive and a lightning rod for no good reason, except for scoring political points.” (Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president and CEO of LIRS)   And, one of their planned new (?) tactics is to tell more refugee stories for media consumption!  Hire more […]
  • The International Refugee Assistance Project (a relatively new organization run by Becca Heller which acts as a legal mouthpiece for the refugee resettlement industry) has released a ninety page document that outlines the steps any Biden/Harris administration must take to unravel President Trump’s efforts to slow the flow of poverty, disease, and potential terrorists to […]