Refugee Resettlement

  • President Donald Trump honored a deal, he called it dumb, that Barack Obama made with the Australian government just before leaving office in 2016.  The deal was that the US would ‘welcome’ illegal aliens that have been held in Australian offshore detention camps. The AP is reporting that the US part of the deal is […]
  • Invasion of Europe news…. The man who beheaded a school teacher on Friday because the teacher dared to use the Mohamed cartoons as a prop in a class on free speech was a refugee welcomed to France. Yesterday Socialists (including Antifa) staged a pro-immigrant rally in Paris demanding that the undocumented be given legal status. […]
  • That is how the Niskanen Center (a Libertarian think tank that promotes open borders) bills its upcoming policy briefing.  They believe we need the steady supply of cheap labor for big business. And, apparently want to help the Dems increase their voter base! The panel includes the HERITAGE FOUNDATION! (See earlier posts on how the […]
  • I know, I know, it is a little hard to pay attention to peripheral issues like refugee resettlement when the future of the country is at stake in a little over two weeks (or longer if the Dems commit massive voter fraud through mail-in balloting). However, someone has to keep a little watch on refugee […]
  • Who the heck is Catherine Rampell and who cares? Rampell is one of those Ivy-league-educated thirty-somethings who has been elevated to a position as morally superior opinion writer (aren’t they all!) at the Leftwing anti-Trump Washington Post. Neil Munro of Breitbart checked in with me to see how I felt about being a bigot for […]