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  • The U.S. Supreme Court recently refused to hear two cases involving 2020 election challenges. A one-sentence opinion put an end to two so-called "kraken" cases filed by pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, taking issue with the election results in Arizona and Wisconsin. This comes on the heels of the Supreme Court's decisions not to intervene in […]
  • An Arizona judge recently ruled that the state senate can have access to 2.1 million ballots and voting equipment from Maricopa County to audit results of the 2020 election. Maricopa County was one of several counties in swing states across the nation where Democrat Joe Biden did a remarkable (and questioned) come-from-behind to win the […]
  • A 2% wealth tax, as proposed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, wouldn't impact me. It wouldn't impact most of you. (I think it's targeting people who have wealth above $50 million.) I guess it's tempting to try to play off our jealousy and hope we will be "all for" hitting people who have more than us. […]
  • From Afghanistan to Iraq, a lot of military observers say America can't seem to win wars even though we have the most powerful military on the planet. A new book examines why. It's called The 11th Hour in 2020 America: How America's Foreign Policy Got Jacked Up And How The Next Administration Can Fix It. I […]
  • Sixty percent (60%) of the people who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say that former President Trump deserves the credit for the U.S. Rover landing on Mars. Thirty-seven percent (37%) of those polled credit NASA for the Rover landing. Less than 1% credit President Biden for the event, while 2% give The […]
  • Today's modern coal plants are not your daddy's coal plants. And we recently found out about a unique engineering contest being held to make them even cleaner. We're off to northeast Wyoming near the town of Gillette. This is Dry Fork Station coal plant near Gillette, Wyoming. Fueled by a coal mine about a mile […]
  • (Video link at bottom of story) Trump predicted Democrats would "lose the White House decisively four years from now." "I might just decide to beat them a third time," he added, counting the 2020 election as a win in his column. "We reject left wing lunacy…and Cancel Culture." "We love you!" cheered the crowd. Trump […]
  • Few industries have been hit harder by Covid-19 shutdowns than the music business.  In the US alone, nearly two million jobs are said to hinge on the music industry. I caught up with up and coming singer and songwriter Sasha McVeigh when she was performing at a mostly empty bar in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. “Under […]