The Doug Collins Podcast

As a former Congressman and Ranking Member of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary, Doug Collins knows what it means to fight for what he believes in. The Doug Collins Podcast explores all topics —  ranging from politics to life advice — and blends them together for a well-rounded discussion that you can use to get the most out of life.

  • FTX: Beyond the Headlines

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I sit down with John Berlau of the Competitive Enterprise Institute to talk about the FTX collapse and its meaning.  We take it step by step and make it easy to understand even if you have no background in crypto currency. Find out if this is the end of Crypto as we know it.See for privacy information.

  • The After Thanksgiving Roundup

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I take a look at recent news items that may have been overlooked.  We take a look at the latest round of the Democrat version of mess around and find out, whose kids are they anyway and we take a look at the hottest toys for this Christmas season.  Join us for all the fun.See for privacy information.

  • Be thankful for the little things because in the end they matter the most

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I share thoughts about Thanksgiving and what it means to give thanks in all things.  Happy Thanksgiving!See for privacy information.

  • Making sense of the Election

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I breakdown the election and give a preview of what to expect in the upcoming Congress.  We also look at things that still matter in elections.See for privacy information.

  • You have caught the car, now what?

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I sit down with Former North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker.  We talk about the results of the last elections and the reality that the Republicans face in governing with a very thin majority. This is a podcast full of straight forward truth!See for privacy information.

  • From the Sidelines of the NFL to the Frontline of Podcasting A conversation with

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I sit down with Michelle Tafoya, former Sideline reporter for Sunday Night Football.  We talk about what she is up to now and what is going on in our country.  We also talk a little football. You don’t want to miss it.See for privacy information.

  • It All Begins With a Song ENCORE

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am joined by an old friend Bart Herbison, from the Nashville Songwriters Association.  It is an amazing discussion about music and how it effects our life. Songwriters are an amazing bunch and tell the stories of our lives through their work. Today will be one you will replay over again and want to share. Stories of Taylor Swift, Elvis, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash and many more. See for privacy information.

  • Today we celebrate Veterans Day

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I take a look at Veterans Day. I talk about the history and share some stories about the people I have served with.  These stories go to show that we have the absolute best folks in our military.  Join us today for the Celebration.See for privacy information.

  • Hot takes from Election Night

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I give you the hot takes and current look at where the election results stand.   Dems do better than expected and Republicans won they house it appears but the battle is just starting!See for privacy information.