Doug Collins Podcast

The Doug Collins Podcast

As a former Congressman and Ranking Member of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary, Doug Collins knows what it means to fight for what he believes in. The Doug Collins Podcast explores all topics —  ranging from politics to life advice — and blends them together for a well-rounded discussion that you can use to get the most out of life.

  • The Power of a Second Chance: Real Criminal Justice Reform

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am joined by Matthew Charles. Matthew tells a powerful story of redemption and hope. From Drug Dealer to the first person who was released from prison under the First Step Act, Matthew shows what true Criminal Justice Reform looks like. You will be inspired by his story! See for privacy information.

  • Living out what you always wanted to do

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am joined by Rep Guy Reschenthaler from Pennsylvania.  Guy is forging a path in Washington by focusing on the issues that matter but may not always get the fancy headlines.  We talk intellectual property, appropriations, the power grab by the democrats and his military service. A great conversation to lead into the weekend. See for privacy information.

  • Taking the fight for good Conservative Solutions to everyone

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am joined by Rep Byron Donalds, Congressman from Florida.  He brings a fresh voice to Washington that is willing to engage with others to find conservative solutions to move our country forward. He talks about the problems he has encountered but also a path forward that he hopes to find.  A great time with another rising star. See for privacy information.

  • From Homeless to the United States House

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am please to welcome Rep. Kat Cammack of Florida to the show.  She is one of the youngest members of Congress and brings a fresh perspective that all Conservatives need to hear. This is one you will want to listen to and share with your friends. See for privacy information.

  • Protecting and Celebrating our 2nd Amendment rights

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am joined by Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sport  Foundation.  They are the firearm industry trade association that represents all the gun manufacturers, ammunition companies, and Sport shooting facilities.  Larry gives an in depth look at the current situation regarding the attempts by some to restrict our access to firearms as well as defeating some of the myths that are out there about guns and gun ownership.  He also gives us a sneak preview into this years SHOT SHOW.  A great learning episode!  See for privacy information.

  • It is always about the words on paper

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am joined by the Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, Gary Palmer from Alabama. Gary has a unique story to tell from playing football for the legendary Bear Bryant at Alabama, to the halls of Congress.  We talk in depth about the need to not only have good Conservative policy but the need to be able to communicate it.  Listen in and find out how you can help share the conservative message. See for privacy information.

  • Do no Harm

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am joined by Congressman Dr. Brad Wenstrup. Brad is a surgeon, Army Reserve Colonel, and member of Congress from Ohio.  Brad serves on the Ways and Means Committee and the House Select Intelligence Committee.  We have a wide ranging conversation about the state of the world and the dangers we face.  He also lets us inside the what it was like to be an Army Doctor in the Abu Ghraib prison during his deployment to Iraq.   See for privacy information.

  • Looking back on our Rendezvous with Destiny

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I take you back in time to look at the speech by President Ronald Reagan called “The Time for choosing Speech”. I think you will be amazed at how much of what Reagan talked about in that speech are still battles being fought today. As I always say you must understand the past to truly see today.  I also share an encouraging message about the New Year.   See for privacy information.

  • It all begins with a Song

    Today on The Doug Collins Podcast, I am joined by an old friend Bart Herbison, from the Nashville Songwriters Association.  It is an amazing discussion about music and how it effects our life. Songwriters are an amazing bunch and tell the stories of our lives through their work. Today will be one you will replay over again and want to share. Stories of Taylor Swift, Elvis, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, Johnny Cash and many more.  See for privacy information.