Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earths climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR)
  • Dane Wigington "Freak snowstorm" hits parts of Texas in spite of above freezing temperatures. Some of the chemically nucleated frozen material fell as far south as the Texas / Mexico border while most of the US was exceptionally warm for this time of the year. The moisture for the Texas "winter […]
  • Dane Wigington Was hurricane Nicole a random act of nature? Or is there much more to the story? What agendas and objectives might Hurricane Nicole have served for those in power? Can winter weather be engineered from what started out as a tropical storm? For how long after the initial event might […]
  • Dane Wigington Are they finally about to come clean? "The White House Admits It: We Might Need To Block The Sun To Stop Climate Change". The former balance of four seasons is no more, flash cooldowns now commonly turn summer to winter in many regions over the span of only a few days. Many agricultural […]
  • Dane Wigington The COP 27 global climate conference is being being carried out in Egypt with government representatives from all over the world in attendance. Are they there to discuss greenhouse gas reductions? Or, in fact, are climate intervention operations the primary focus of the gathering in "behind closed door" meetings? […]
  • Dane Wigington The climate engineers are currently carrying out a massive chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding cool-down in the western US. Night time temperatures in my location of Northern California were dropped by 30 degrees in a single day. Unorganized moisture flows from the Pacific Ocean are being pumped into northwestern […]
  • Dane Wigington The science community has stated "the time for geoengineering is now", while simultaneously denying that climate engineering has been ongoing for over 75 years with catastrophic results. Crop crushing drought / deluge scenarios are the hallmark of climate intervention operations, both are taking a terrible toll on food production […]
  • Dane Wigington Flash droughts, flash floods and flash freezes: control the food supply, control the people. The engineered drought in California is turning farm fields and food production to dust. Bone dry regions of the western US were pushing 100 degrees this week while snow was falling at the same latitude in […]
  • Dane Wigington A number of governmental representatives are now advocating for nuclear war as being "good for the climate". This should be an extreme red flag warning for us all.  Mainstream media has now admitted that wildlife populations are dying off at free fall speed with nearly 70% already gone. As […]
  • Dane Wigington While most are focused on the Hurricane Ian devastation in Florida, a silent insidious cataclysm is taking place in western North America: catastrophic drought. The climate engineers continue to cut off the flow of precipitation from the western US and parts of British Columbia. Meteorologists have named it the "ridiculously […]
  • Dane Wigington After passing the peak of hurricane season with almost complete silence, the tables have turned with Hurricane Ian. Are the increasingly anomalous and destructive weather events just random acts of Nature? Or is there much more to the story? US mainstream media is giving almost no coverage of the […]