• The Green New Death

    By The Sharp Edge The apocalyptic prophecies of government, academic, and corporate sponsored climate alarmism have manipulated the minds of the masses to believe that mankind is to blame for our own demise.  Despite their failed predictions of climate catastrophe over the years, the propaganda […]

  • Dear Diary…

    While I’m working on this painstakingly massive report that ties up the central operation for the control grid, along with the financial acceleration and digital identity into one masterfully crafted plan, I find myself pondering the many other pieces of information I’ve pulled together that […]

  • Sky’s the Limit for Globalists’ Boiling Earth Narrative

    By James FitzGerald Orbiting satellites are playing a larger role in the development of an agricultural, environmental and technological control grid. To earlier generations, the term constellations might have meant zodiacal dot-to-dots depicting ancient gods or mythical creatures — but today the […]

  • FearLESS

    Perspective – that’s really what everything boils down to. One can choose to see only gloom and doom, they can choose to see in a hopeful and positive light, or they may land somewhere in the middle. That’s me – right smack in the middle. I’ve seen too much, know too much, and intuit too […]

  • Chinese Influence & Espionage: NEW Links Between Biden & Clinton Corruption

    By The Sharp Edge Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, who is tasked with overseeing the investigation of Joe Biden’s influence peddling racket, referred to the Bidens’ scheme as “organized crime.”  Much of the investigation has revolved around the Bidens’ ties to […]

  • The Solution Series: Building Wealth with Catherine Austin Fitts and Ricardo Oskam

    “We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.”~ George Bernard Shaw “You can build wealth, you can build poverty, or you can build nothing. Which do you prefer?”~ Catherine Austin Fitts Please login to watch the full episode […]

  • Latest Victims of Debanking Trend: Dr. Mercola & Associates

    By Corey Lynn and The Sharp Edge A steady descent into financial tyranny is taking place one step at a time, as major banks continue to target customers based on their beliefs. JPMorgan Chase is listed among a host of financial institutions as “high risk” for cancelling or denying services […]

  • The Solution Series: Small Farm Republic with John Klar

    “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.”~ Thomas Jefferson Please login to watch the full episode and access subscriber-only content.Not a subscriber yet? You are invited to join here! By Corey Lynn and James […]

  • A New Door to Freedom

    By John Klar Creative new website offers wealth of detailed information. I am excited to share a new website which is devoted to educating people about the truth of what is happening in the world, especially efforts toward global control or government: Door to Freedom focuses on efforts by global […]

  • BIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & People

    by The Sharp Edge We’ve all heard the infamous World Economic Forum phrase “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”  But how do global elites and central bankers intend to roll out this diabolical scheme?  Well, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) mapped it out in their […]

  • Unraveling the Many Layers of Pride

    By The Sharp Edge It’s easy to see that the culture war taking over the West, under the banner of pride, represents much more than diversity, equity, inclusion, sexual preference, or gender identity.  Unraveling the many layers of pride may reveal how much deeper it goes.  Social Engineering On […]