Sara A Carter

  • President Joe Biden stands by his outrageous comment last week comparing Republicans to racists and segregationists. Well, that is, specifically those who are opponents of Democrats’ ridiculous voting bills. Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday called Biden’s speech that he delivered in Atlanta a “powerful speech” about Americans’ right to vote “for anyone they choose, […]
  • As the United States celebrated and honored Martin Luther King Jr., video of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden surfaced comparing him to a very, very different human and scenario: the death of George Floyd. Biden made the remarks in June of 2020, shortly after Floyd’s death, during an economic reopening roundtable in Philadelphia. Biden was comparing […]
  • Over the weekend Australia’s courts led a crushing blow to the world’s number one tennis player Novak Djokovic. He lost his appeal to stay and compete in the Australian open due to being unvaccinated. Attorney for Australia’s Immigration Minister argued that Djokovic’s presence in Australia “may be a risk to the health of the Australian […]
  • Sara welcomes Liora Rez of to discuss the harrowing hostage crisis at a Texas synagogue over the weekend. Sara and Liora discuss the dangerous habit of the media to jump to incorrect conclusions that fit a particular narrative and the FBI for claiming the motive for the gunman was unclear even though it was […]
  • Sara Carter joined Steve Hilton on Fox News Sunday night to describe something so terrifying, it ‘even frightens the Democratic Party.” People from all over the world are crossing our borders and they are not being vetted. People from “over 150 nations have already crossed this border.” Violence is escalating on the border and Carter […]