Untouchable Subjects|Sharyl Attkisson

  • The following is a new analysis. A Florida appeals court has ruled one county's series of emergency mask mandates to be "presumptively unconstitutional." Alachua County's mask mandate was in effect for over a year through a series of emergency orders. A local resident challenged the mandate in court in Fall of 2020. He initially lost […]
  • The following is an excerpt from a story in the New York Post. The Alabama TV anchor who broke news of the infamous 2016 “tarmac meeting” between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch died Saturday in an apparent suicide, according to reports and his employer. Christopher Sign, 45, was found dead by […]
  • Listen to top scientists and editors from esteemed medical journals and you can’t help but conclude there is such a thing as a “scientific establishment.” And it’s been as corrupted by politics and misinformation as many in politics and the media. In my 2017 investigation into “Fake Science,” Dr. Marcia Angell, the first woman to […]
  • CDC is postponing its emergency safety meeting about Covid-19 vaccine, indicating their experts do not see an emergency safety risk in the reports of heart inflammation in young people, which they are scheduled to examine. Read the announcement below: The June 18, 2021 COVID-19 meeting is being rescheduled due to the observation of the Juneteenth […]
  • On May 6, Dr. Peter Hotez, often cited in the news media as an expert on vaccine safety, tweeted a fabricated claim about me. He falsely stated that I had endorsed an article on my website that encouraged people to go on the attack against him and compared him to "Mengele." I had never even […]
  • Most say allowing unfettered free speech is preferable to the government deciding what speech should be allowed, says a recent Scott Rasmussen poll. This is true even though some some speech may be offensive or inaccurate, according to the poll. While 80% of the poll voters favored free speech, only 9% said it would be […]
  • (Original air date 11/22/20) Taking a moment out now for a page from my new book “SLANTED: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism.” It traces the devolution of the news as we once knew it. Exhibit One is the historic trend of major media mistakes in the era of […]
  • The following is an excerpt from a report by the watchdog group Judicial Watch: Months after the Biden administration canceled a program that deported illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes, the Border Patrol reports a stunning 3,166% increase in sex offenders crossing into the U.S. illegally via Mexico. Known as Operation Talon, the initiative was launched in […]