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  • [DS] Tries To Reverse Public Opinion, Evil Is Knocking, Will You Answer, Will You Fight – Ep. 3170

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The [WEF] continues to push its agenda, as they push it wakes up more and more people. In the end the people will reject their plan. The patriots are now winning the economic battle, Matt Gaetz is now pushing one bill for one legislative

  • People Now See The Police State, Game Over For Biden, Peace Through Strength – Ep. 3169

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The [WEF]/[CB] are using the same pattern in all different countries, they are blaming others for their agenda. We are now seeing shrinkflation in products and the economy is headed towards a depression. Gold is now starting to separate from the [CB] manipulation. Trump

  • [DS] Just Played Their Hand, You Are Witnessing The Destruction Of The Old Guard – Ep. 3168

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Inflation is picking up around the world and will not stop. The [WEF] is now pushing the climate agenda because the patriots pushed them down the path they wanted them to follow. The economy is falling apart and Trump will use it against them

  • Voters Are Worried About Election Cheating In 2024,People Will Accept What Needs To Be Done – Ep. 3167

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The [WEF] is now pushing the green new deal across the world, they never wanted the people awake to see this happen. Biden is getting ready to use the SPR once again, right on schedule. Trump is showing the way forward, we need to

  • Fake News Building Riot Narrative,Trump Calls For The 25th Again,Clinton/Obama In Focus – Ep. 3166

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The housing market is out of control, the rates are increasing and people cannot afford, the real estate market is on the brink of disaster. As the economy enters a depression, Janet Yellen is right on schedule letting everyone know that the economy is

  • Donald Trump: White Glove – Part 1: Touchless

    FIRST THINGS FIRST It’s been quite a while since my last article. I’m back in the saddle now but I put the brakes on for a few different reasons. Never before has there been a greater need for clarity but in order to get there one must step away from

  • This Will Be The Biggest Political Victory, & Better Than Doing It The Traditional Way – Ep. 3165

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The people are feeling the economic pain around the world. Fuel prices are moving higher, inflation is getting worse and the people are now seeing who is responsible for all of this. The Fed is now in the crosshairs and the people trust Trump

  • It All Started With Obama, Precedents Set, No Deals, No Escape, Justice, Indictments – Ep. 3164

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The economic system is collapsing and one thing after another is hitting the Biden administration, its like it was planned. As people continue to see the GR & the GND play out they understand who is causing the problems. In the end when the

  • Hunter Indicted, [DS] Preparing To Hit The Election Infrastructure, Right On Schedule – Ep. 3163

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Rothschild admits that ESG has failed, they are losing their power over the people. Their agenda is going down the tubes. The people see [WEF] true intentions, destroy the economy and try to bring us into the great reset, but the people are seeing