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  • You Attack Those You Fear The Most, You Are Witnessing The Collapse Of The [DS] – Ep. 3336

    Watch The X22 Report On Video UPS exposes the truth. Shipping is declining, revenue down. People are not shipping/buying like they use to. Stores are closing and people have spent thousands because of inflation. Trump warns Biden, keep on the this path and you will destroy America. The [DS] is

  • [DS] Tricked, The Bill Laid The Groundwork For Peace, Biden Trials, Not What You Think – Ep. 3335

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Climate hoax is not responsible for food shortage. It’s the [CB]/[WEF] pushing their agenda shutting down farmers. Inflation is up, fuel prices are up, the people know, they feel it. Student loan cancellation hurting Biden. Market correction coming, down the [CB] goes. The [DS]

  • Mark Finchem – There Is A Pattern Of Election Rigging, Evidence Is Clear, Time To End The Endless

    Mark Finchem is running for Secretary of State of Arizona. Mark starts the conversation bringing us up to date of the court cases. Mark explains how they discovered a pattern of cheating. The computer system were designed to cheat in the election and then cover it all up. Mark and

  • [DS] Warns Cyber Attacks Will Wreak Havoc On Our Infrastructure, Trump Card Coming Soon – Ep. 3334

    Watch The X22 Report On Video CA is the template of the [WEF]/CB agenda. The state is having major problems and now small businesses are leaving the state. Oil is now on the rise, most likely Biden will use the SPR. Bitcoin is dropping during a chaotic period. Interesting. The

  • The [D] Party Will Cease To Exist Once It’s All Exposed,Remember This Is An Information War – Ep. 3333

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Biden is trying to convince the people that inflation is under control, that he brought it down, he brought it up and it never went back to where it was when Trump was in office. Biden is now proving to the American people that

  • Remember 2020 Election Bullying, Important, Trump Warns Biden On Presidential Immunity – Ep. 3332

    Watch The X22 Report On Video Weather manipulation is no longer a conspiracy. Biden shutting down almost everything so China has the control. Biden will need to SPR to control inflation, so Fed can cut. Layoffs continue and its accelerating. More countries and businesses are taking on Bitcoin. Trump is

  • Devin Nunes – [DS] Is Trying To Destroy Truth Because It’s The People’s Voice, We Are Winning

    Devin Nunes is the CEO of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). Devin begins the conversation talking about Truth Social on how the company just went public and they are now implementing a video streaming surface. He says the [DS]/Establishement are trying to stop Truth Social but it is

  • [DS] Begins Testing Choke Points,People Are Watching A Trial,But It’s Not What You Think – Ep. 3331

    Watch The X22 Report On Video People are beginning to question why we pay taxes when the gov is wasting money on things the people don’t want. This is the beginning. Voters now see that the economy is heading in the wrong direction caused by the Biden admin and the

  • [DS] Cyber Attack Narrative, 200 Million People Are Behind Trump, People Are The Cure – Ep. 3330

    Watch The X22 Report On Video The green new deal just hit the wall, Co2 makes the world greener. Layoffs continue and the economy is breaking apart. Fake news says the quiet part out loud and terrorists are planning to shutdown global trade. The [DS] is now preparing the cyber